You’re OUT: Five Reasons Why “Project Runway” Is Over

Daniel Vosovic, “Project Runway” season 2 runner-up and “All-Stars” winner, tells’s “The Cut” that being on “PR” again was a “mind f**k.” He goes on to explain, “It felt like a weird summer camp. Four years later everything was the same — same stage, same crappy lights, Heidi’s pregnant again. It’s like I had never left.” That may be true of the “All-Stars” reunion (which aired last week) — which brought together some of the show’s biggest personalities and best designers — but the new season of “PR” is rapidly proving it’s not the same fabulous, edgy, and fashion-forward show now that it lives on Lifetime.

I’m just gonna say it. “Project Runway” — you’re OUT. Here are five reasons why.1. The Mommy Demographic: Lest you forget that Lifetime is “television for women,” last night’s elimination challenge was to design a “maternity chic” look for Rebecca Romijn. Now, I have nothing against pregnant ladies. In fact, I hope to be one some day, and I certainly think designing cool, sexy, fun maternity wear is a worthy design challenge. But on Lifetime it seemed, well, so … appropriate and obvious. Snore.

2. Where Are The Gays? It’s only the second episode and Michael Kors is already taking time off. Tim Gunn hasn’t “hollered at your boy” yet. And not a single person has even hinted at some “hot tranny fierceness.” Lifetime is toning down the queer quotient and I don’t like it. Even Nina Garcia is less bitchy!

3. Mitchell: He landed in the bottom three on episode 1 for designing a sheer muumuu. Last night he was in the bottom three again, this time for designing the sluttiest pair of diaper shorts I have ever seen. Yet he remains. WTF?

4. Safety Wins: On the first episode, Christopher’s blatant Rihanna For Forever 21 look was the winner. While it wasn’t a crime against nature, the poofiness at the bottom of his dress was dated and suburban prom-worthy, not chic. Last night, Shirin’s well-constructed dress and jacket was a far more deserving winner, but it’s clear that playing it safe — and thus BORING — will get you far on Lifetime’s “Project Runway.”

5. Dare To Lose: On Bravo’s “PR,” often the edgiest designers were given the opportunity to harness their creativity over the course of the show, as the judges saw limitless potential in some of their crazier designs. Sometimes those designs came out just WRONG, but the passion, ambition, and desire to push the envelope were at the core of what “PR” was all about. In the first two episodes of Lifetime’s “Project Runway,” the two edgiest and forward-thinking designers — Malvin and Ari — were given the boot before those who lacked innovation or, um, sewing skills.

What do you guys think? Has your love for “Project Runway” hit the skids now that it’s on a new network? Or do you think the show is just as hot as ever?