Your Celebrity-Approved Summer Reading List

Paulina Porizkova wants you to know that, yes, she can read. In fact, she’s written a whole essay on the subject for

“I feel the need to constantly prove I’m not some dumb model. And yes, I know that having to prove it undermines my efforts. But bear with me. I quit school at 15 to live off of my looks,” she says. “Fortunately, I have been a bookworm ever since I learned how to read.” [Modelinia]

So what does Paulina think you should read this summer? Vikram Seth’s 1,488-page tome about India, A Suitable Boy. And A Soldier of the Great War, which Paulina describes as “880 pages of love, humor, and war.” She also says, “Once read, [these books] can be used to tone biceps or in step class.”

Oh, but there are other options. Here’s what our favorite celebs are reading this summer.

Lindsay Lohan is currently digging into Phillip Roth’s The Plot Against America. You know, just some light poolside reading.
Hilary Duff is loving Salem Falls by Jodi Piccoult while chilling on the set of “Gossip Girl.”
Cormac McCarthy, who wrote No Country For Old Men, is a favorite of James Franco’s. While filming “Eat, Pray, Love,” he read Blood Meridian.
The last book Britney Spears was seen with: Zohar, the ancient text of Kabbalah.
Sarah Jessica Parker has been carrying The Help by Kathryn Stockett all around town. It’s a novel about black nannies in Civil Rights Movement-era Mississippi.
Blake Lively’s pick? Prince of Thieves by Chuck Hogan.
Angelina Jolie likes her reading heavy and of the non-fiction variety. Hence, she’s unwinding with War of Necessity, War of Choice by Richard Haass.
And Then The Roof Caved In is all about how Wall Street greed effed everything up. Shia LaBeouf is enjoying it.