Today’s Lady News: Actress & Ex-Playmate Accuses “Entourage” Guys Of Getting Handsy

  • Actress Irina Voronina said the men of “Entourage” were “very rude and unprofessional” on set and alleged that she and another actress were fired for wanting personal space. The former Playboy Playmate, who had a guest role on the show, told a gossip column, “If there is a shot where we’re all in the limo and the camera is rolling, it’s us all having fun, they have their hands all over us and then when the cameras stop I expect them to reel back to being normal, but they continued the partying off camera and we made that clear.” (Presumably she means they made it clear they wanted the guys’ hands off.) HBO, which is responsible for “Entourage,” denies there were any problems on set.—[Fox News]—But … but … Jeremy Piven seemed like such a nice guy! Next you’re going to tell me Joe Francis hit a woman!
  • Ed ReBrook, a defense attorney in West Virginia who defended a rapist convicted of targeting prostitutes, repeatedly referred to the women as “whores” and “street tramps” in the courtroom. “You cannot rape the willing,” ReBrook said, according to the blog, Curvature. “They got in those automobiles with the intention of having sex for money. I would be horrified if any of the women in my life were raped, but I’m talking about decent, honorable women.” [The Curvature]—Hey, new boyfriend, ladies!!!
  • Have you ever used Plan B emergency contraception? You can help out a history professor who is writing a book about EC by taking her survey. [Our Bodies, Ourselves]
  • Ohio Supreme Court ruled yesterday that the West Chester company, Toetes/Isotoner, didn’t discriminate against a breastfeeding mother when it fired her for taking unauthorized breaks to pump her breast milk for her baby. LaNisa Allen told the court that five hours into her shift, which was the time she was allowed to take a lunch break, her boobs ached from the milk. The court said that Allen was not discriminated against because she was a lactating mom, but that because she did not follow directions. [Columbus Dispatch]
  • The 11 sexual assault victims of a creep who targeted women on paths and bikeways in Queensland, Australia, are eligible for up to $75,000 each in compensation. According to Queensland’s Legal Aid officials, the compensation is intended to pay for medical and psychiatric fallout from the attacks. []—And to think in the U.S., victims sometimes end up footing the bill for their own rape kits.
  • Here’s a really interesting essay in smartypants journal World Affairs about Western women living in Muslim countries. [World Affairs]
  • The Tennessee Titans’ cheerleaders released their swimsuit calendar in Nashville last night. In celebration, the squad stripped out of their jerseys to show everyone their bikinis underneath. [Anyguey]—Cheerleaders! Swimsuits! Head exploding! Gah!
  • Oh, dear. Alisa Valdes-Rodriguez, author of The Dirty Girls Social Club and other chick lit books, is more getting attention for her bisexual sexual orientation than writing, says one blog which wonders if it’s all a publicity stunt. [Guanabee]