Steal Kirsten Dunst’s Manga Style: How To Dress Like Human Anime

We’ve got to admit that Kirsten Dunst looks completely eye-catching (in a cuh-razy kind of way) all dolled up in her Manga finest. Is it a look she should wear every day? Probably not. Are we totally down to try it out? Yes, we are. How to dress like human anime after the jump.

  • We’ve got a thing for tutus and any excuse to wear one is fine by us. This particular brightly colored puff ball is a current object of obsession and would do any anime chick proud.
  • The blue hair is fun but a tad too serious for us. We’ll be going with clip-in colored extensions like these.
  • As with most outfits, your attempt at going Manga will be made or broken with jewelry. But while we usually encourage a bit of restraint, nothing could be further from the truth in this case. Pile. It. On. (Bonus points if it’s made of bright plastic!)
  • Fingerless gloves in bright colors are never a problem.
  • We could barely believe our luck when we found these hot pink, platform glitter pumps. Obviously, they’re a must to throw on over our checkered thigh highs.