Star Couplings: Megan Fox Says Kissing Girls Is Safe

  • Megan Fox said she feels safer with women, so kissing Amanda Seyfried in the film “Jennifer’s Body” was comfortable for her. [PopEater] — How interesting, considering Amanda said she didn’t enjoy kissing Megan.
  • Anne Heche’s ex, Coley Laffoon, responded to her “Letterman” comments by saying: “After coming home from showing two different clients two different condominiums, I was disturbed to see Anne taking out her personal frustration on the father of her child on national television.” [Dlisted] — That was a mature response Anne Heche won’t be able to respond to.
  • Keanu Reeves isn’t dating Cameron Diaz as their dinner outing last week suggested. He’s back with his ex, Anita Hodson, and the two could be planning marriage. [Starpulse] — I can’t really see Keanu with Cameron because he’s too somber-looking for her.

  • Eddie Cibrian and his ex say they’ll work together to be good parents for their two sons. [E! Online] — Then shouldn’t he try to not be seen in public with LeAnn Rimes anymore?
  • Brody Jenner was in a huge fight with “Girls Gone Wild” owner Joe Francis, who also allegedly assaulted Brody’s girlfriend Jayde Nicole. [TMZ] — Seriously? Joe Francis is such a creep.