“Real Woman” Does Not Look As Good In Topshop As Kate Moss Does

Sigh. I love The Daily Mail so much. You never know what those crazy British birds are gonna do next! Today it’s a “real woman” — cough, intrepid journalist, cough — Claire Coleman modeling clothes from the brand new Kate Moss for Topshop line. Her reasoning:

“When I see Kate Moss in a dress, I’m not just looking at the dress, I’m looking at Kate Moss and the dress. And however beautiful the dress, I can’t help thinking that it’s going to look an awful lot better on her than it does on me. Moss may not be getting any younger, but she still has the gamine proportions of the 16-year-olds who seem to form the backbone of Topshop’s customer base. The question is can real women like me and my friends, who are rather closer in age to Miss Moss, actually wear any of the clothes she is offering?”

Ain’t that the question indeed, sis! This definitely makes me consider how sometimes we buy clothes for all the wrong reasons. But that’s about it. Let’s face it: Nobody thinks that by slapping on the culottes pictured (yes, culottes! so flattering), they are instantly going to look like a supermodel. (Or one would hope anyway.) And one look at the awful styling in Coleman’s versions speaks volumes about why professionals like Rachel Zoe and Katie Grand make the big bucks. Lessons learned here: you def don’t wanna pair orange pumps with this outfit — try black flats or boots instead. Probably go with a more relaxed hairstyle or bun. Other than that, not so bad! Now all Coleman needs is one of the top makeup artists/hairstylists/photographers/lighting experts/airbrushers in the world at her disposal and she’ll really be cookin’. [Daily Mail]