New Favorite Blog: The People Of WalMart

Walmart’s commercials have gotten awfully slick lately. The one above is a real tearjerker that begs the question—do these people really shop at Walmart? Maybe, but just compare them to the folks spotted at the (vaguely evil) bargain megastore on my new favorite blog, People of Walmart. I bet the people at Look At That F**king Hipster are jealous of these pics.
You Looking At Something? Yes. I am looking at something. How in the hell did you get your hair to stay in that position? If you look closely in her basket, she appears to be buying kids toys. Well, at least she’ll know where to shop when they are going off to college.

Just Hanging Out. Walmart is not only a place to shop—it’s also a place to hang out. It’s comfortable, just like sitting on your couch at home and watching soap operas naked. Luckily for this lady they sell underwear on aisle 13.

You Button-Hooked Me. Best thing about shopping at Walmart? Pets are allowed. Now that’s something they don’t tell you on the commercials. This pet goat wandered off to check out the laundry detergent while its owner was racking up the bargains. I can almost hear the announcement: “There is a lost goat on aisle 27. I repeat lost goat on aisle 27.”

Check out more hilarity at People of WalMart.

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