Lindsay Lohan’s “Comeback” To Be Televised?

Remember that time in 2008 when Dina Lohan told TV Guide that she didn’t want Lindsay to appear on “Living Lohan” by saying, “Doing reality TV would almost be taking a step backward as far as her career goes.” Isn’t that a hoot?! Because a year and only one casting in an ABC Family movie later it seems that Lindsay is ready to take a giant leap backward for mankind. Rumor has it Lindsay has been in talks with Larry Rudolf (the man who brought Britney back from the grave) to create a show featuring her “getting back on her feet” as a working actress. Is he also the one to blame for her ice queen appearance on “Project Runway” last week? Also, whatever happened to the show she was creating with Ryan Seacrest?

I have a feeling this could be just another run of the rumor mill. But if it’s not, Dina, I advise you not to get too excited about this latest adventure in famewhoring, even if it is the largest disaster of LiLo’s career yet. They’re practically handing out reality shows on the street these days, so you shouldn’t feel too special. Plus, with this potential show being just another fish in the massive sea of reality TV, will anyone tune into Lohan’s impending doom? [Fox News]