Joe Francis Assaults A Chick. Again

Joe Francis is the guy we’d most like to vote off planet Earth. The Girls Gone Wild impresario (wait, I’m revoking this term since it includes the word “impress” and there ain’t nothing impressive about Francis) got in a scuffle last night at Guys and Dolls in Los Angeles, and allegedly assaulted a woman. And not just any woman—Jayde Nicole, Playboy’s Playmate of the Year for 2008, who you know as Brody Jenner’s girlfriend on “The Hills.” Here’s what supposedly went down, according to TMZ… Jayde saw Francis talking nasty to one of her friends, who had the poor sense to date him back in the day. Jayde intervened and tried to get him to back off, and when he wouldn’t—she poured her drink on him. Francis lost his s**t and grabbed her by her (maybe real?) hair and punched her, kicking her when she was on the ground. One of Jayde’s friends lurched at Francis, and he decked her, too. Then Brody Jenner realized what was going on and made a charge at Francis, only being able to rip his shirt before security broke things up and Francis scooted out the door. Brody followed him outside and punched him. Then someone apparently tased him? The Los Angeles sheriff’s department wants Francis for questioning, and Jayde says that she will be pressing assault charges. [TMZ]

Yeah, yeah, innocent until proven guilty. But Joe Francis has a history of nasty brushes with the law. He’s been sued by several underage women who claim they were plied with alcohol to get nakey onscreen in “Girls Gone Wild” videos and that the producers were definitely aware they were not of age. He’s also been accused of tax evasion and will go on trial in October—allegedly, he tried to hide his fortune in off-shore accounts. Oh, and then there was that time he pinned Claire Hoffman, a reporter for the Los Angeles Times, against a car while she was reporting a story on him. A real charmer, no?