Gift For Gab: Your Best Comments For The Week Of August 28th 2009

We here at The Frisky live for celeb gossip, chocolate, and your comments. What can we say? You bitches crack us up! In honor of you, our smart, sexy, and incisive readers, who aren’t afraid to talk smack on the internet, we’re giving away prizes! Each week we’ll award you awesome chatty Cathys a little something special. This week, five winners will receive Hollywood Behind the Seams Pretty Underarm Protection. Without further adieu, the lucky winners of this week’s Gift For Gab.A Paparazzo in the Making
bogart4017 in LeAnn Rimes And Eddie Cibrian Are, Like, Official Now

“If celebs wish to keep things private they should stay home and do their dirt where they can’t be seen.”

A Sex Therapist for Vamps
impoddity in Quote Of The Day: Evan Rachel Wood Says All Vampires Are Bisexual

“I think after a hundred years or so, one would eventually get past the heterosexual/homosexual issue and just do what feels good. And if someone gives you a hard time about it, drain ‘em!!”

A Real, Real Woman
hababaluga in Cindy Crawford And Other Celebs Who Can’t Shut Up About Their Cellulite

“Tell you what, celebrity women: you take some pictures of your ass and thighs in some fluorescent lighting (I recommend a department store changing room) and I will believe you. Until then, I call your ‘I’m just like you’ bluff.”

Learns from His Mistakes
slip in 13 Reasons She Doesn’t Want A Second Date

“My face is turning red.
For all of the other guys who’ve done some of these things, of course.


Totally Pickled
WhiskeyJenn in “Pickle Surprise” Is The Scariest Thing I Have Ever Seen

“It was like dropping acid in the middle of a mid-’70s drag queen revue. I will have nightmares. Forever.
And I may just start saying “pickle surprise!” anytime conversation lags.”

Congratulations to this week’s winners! Next week, we’ll be giving away CND’s Colour Effects Nail Polish to five lucky readers. Good luck and keep on commentin’!