Bras For Ladies With Fake Boobs

Let me guess: Now that you’ve had a boob job, your old bras don’t exactly fit? Hey, it’s not like the doctor said double FFs were going to be comfy to carry around, let alone easy to find a brazier for. Well, thanks to lingerie designer Le Mystère, women who have gone under the knife can now buy over-the-shoulder boulder holders that are comfortable and still stylish. While surgeons should probably just throw a sample in after the expensive surgery, these bras run from $76 to $84 smackeroos. I guess it’s double your cup, double the Victoria’s Secret price tag?It could potentially be worth it, as Le Mystère’s No. 9 collection was designed by an actual plastic surgeon, along with Mentor, the company that provides medical products for plastic surgeries. They created No. 9 with the hopes of offering support for fake ta-tas. While their website description spins the bra in the classiest way possible, practically marketing them to those suffering after having medically necessary “breast enhancement procedures,” you totally know that those who willingly stuffed silicon into their chests are going to be the first ones in line for this lingerie. [via MomLogic]