Barbie Takes Off Her Clothes, Finds Her Way Into Famous Paintings

barbie masterpiece art g1 jpg
“Sleepers After Courbet”

Czech artist Kristyna Milde recreates famous works of art by Francisco Goya, Gustave Courbet, and more, posing Barbies in place of the women the artists painted. Milde said she wanted “to show the similarities between stereotypical representation in the past and the present time.” We know art can be deep and say things about society, but all we can think of when we look at these are the dioramas we made for a fifth-grade class project. Obviously, our mini worlds were not nearly as well-done as Milde’s, which even include sunbeams. Click through to see more of Milde’s creations and the famous works that inspired them. [MildeArt via Designboom]

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