A Sex Strike We Can Really Get Behind

In the West African country of Gabon, Rose Francine Rogombe has been in power since June, when President Omar Bongo Ondimba died. And this weekend, there’s an election that will determine whether she stays at the helm of the country. Guess what some Gabonese men are willing to do if a man defeats her in the election? “Sleep with their clothes on.” That’s right girls … they’re going on a sex strike. Why? Because the leader of the Gabonese Liberation Movement, Samuel Ntoutoume Ndzeng, says the men will strike because “the power must remain with women.” I am totally pumping my fist right now—I don’t care who laughs at me. [AFP]

If this all goes down, let’s hope that none of the wives sue their husbands for withholding the goods like that man did in Kenya. But really, how could you get mad at your man for standing up for such a good cause? For the sanity of the Gabonese women, fingers crossed that Rogombe wins by a landslide.