I Yabba Dabba Doo: A “Flintstones” Wedding, And Other TV-Themed Nuptials

Do you want an old-fashioned wedding? Perhaps something prehistoric? Andrea and Simon Bean and Jill and Richard Noble wanted to have a “gay old time” at their nuptials—so they had a “Flintstones” themed double-wedding ceremony. Andrea and Simon dressed up as Fred and Wilma, while Richard and Jill were inspired by Barney and Betty Rubble. I wonder if there were any dinosaurs present among their 165 guests? And if their invitations—chiseled on tablets, natch—had to be delivered via pterodactyl? [Metro]

After the jump, some more TV- and movie-themed weddings for all of you lovebirds out there. Are these yabba dabba doos or yabba dabba don’ts?

Shrek. It’s not easy being green, but Keith Green made the most of the color at his Shrek-themed wedding to bride Christine. Let’s hope that their offspring come out human color. That’s just makeup, right? [Metro]
The Simpsons. Aye carumba! Irish man Gary Paul and his fiancée Paula are planning a Simpsons-themed wedding! The proceedings will even take place at Dublin’s Springfield Hotel. Cheeky! Luckily, Paula is not planning to dye her skin yellow or wear a blue wig. [Yahoo]
Star Wars. In order to make a marriage work these days, you need the force to be with you. Can I interest anyone in a Star Wars wedding, like this couple? You can really tell they’re in love because their light sabers are glowing. [Gizmodo]
Superheroes. We all dream of marrying a partner who will be our hero, but Tony Lucchese and Sarah LaFore actually made it happen. The couple dressed as Superman and Wonder Woman. Oh and Spider-Man, Aqua Man, and Flash were guests as well. I think it’s safe to say that there were no villains crashing that reception. [Manolo Brides]