What Do You Make Of American Apparel’s “Bag-O-Scraps”?

Most of American Apparel’s shenanigans seem oh-so-cleverly crafted just to elicit laughs from the fashion blogosphere or to make imaginary people look like buffoons (because who buys metallic crop tops anyhow?). The latest, however, a “Bag-O-Scraps” is either a genius move in terms of resourcefulness or a test to see just how far AA fans will go to pledge their monetary support to the brand. According to the product description, the collection of fabrics is fit for many an arts and crafts project: “Make clever jewelry, accessories, a card for your grandma or a colorful hanging sculpture for your apartment. Each bag comes with a zine (printed on scrap paper, of course) with five fun and easy scrap projects, complete with how-to instructions.”It’s not entirely clear, however, if the fabrics are being put to use as recyclables. It’s implied through the word “scraps,” but the caption describes how the company has “collected cuttings from some of your favorite fun fabrics.” Is this “collection” coming from new bolts? Or from discards that would have been thrown out anyhow?

What do you think? Fun and crafty? Or useless? [AmericanApparel.com via PSFK]