This Month In The Lady Mags: Fall Fashion. What Else?

Not sure if you want to spend $3.99 on this month’s Vogue? The Frisky team weighs in on this month’s crop of lady mags to tell you what’s up in fashion, sex, love, and all the rest.

September is upon us, which naturally means that it’s fall fashion madness. It’s the biggest month for the lady mags, and the one readers anticipate the most as well. Read on to find out what style advice the glossies offered up. Glamour: Of course, you already know about Glamour’s pic of a naked “real woman” model, belly and all. This issue is heavy on style. “206 Ways to Dress Now” is about the best a women’s magazine can do for a fall fashion spread, showing cute and affordable products that aren’t on either end of the trend spectrum of too bland or too outrageous. Some of their suggestions: skirts with interesting, full shapes, and artsy graphic tees. One style feature shows pics of a girl on her “fat days,” which just goes to show that you look the same on days you feel like a mountain of blubber. Jessica Simpson is on the cover. As usual, she’s made out to be “stronger than ever,” and an example of an awesome female.
Grade: B

Shape: Hmm … something feels familiar. Oh, Lauren Conrad is on the cover again, and it looks just like her last one. So what does she have to say? She’s found her “inner beauty” (cheese-o-rama), and gives readers tips on curbing cravings and working out, which read a bit like a self-help book. As for health stuff, we found an article on whether or not you should take vitamin supplements to be informative. The exercise suggestions for super abs and legs seem especially hard this month. We got exhausted just looking at them. More power to you if you try ‘em out.
Grade: C

Essence: This September issue may be way skinner than the rest of the lady mags on the stand, but still offers up some fierce Beyoncé-like accessories and fall beauty trends like bold, shimmery eyes. “Housewives” fans will want to check out a profile of the “Real Housewives of Atlanta.” One super-great spread, “The Black Woman’s Guide to Making College Affordable,” offers primo advice on how to save and where to look for loans. The focus of the issue, however, is a 30-page Michael Jackson tribute. Tear.
Grade: B+

Lucky: If you’re not going to Vogue for your fall fashion fix, you’re probably inclined to pick up Lucky to find out what’s in style that you can afford. Trends they advocate are decent but not incredible eye candy: soft and sporty, sleek bad-girl black, florals (again?) and long-sleeved mini-dresses (yes! Love!). To get ahead of the curve, check out “Best New Designers.” Mandy Moore’s on the cover, but she only gets a few pages of product recommendations.
Grade: A-

Cosmo: This month’s “Man on Fire” is Zach Gilford, aka Matt Saracen (love you) of “Friday Night Lights.” Turns out, he’s a Barnes & Noble addict. This makes us question which is sexier, however: the sensitive footballer or the bookworm? A “Color Sex Test” seems arbitrary. You pick a color you’re drawn to, and it tells you about your sex styles. If you think you suck at kissing, this month’s “research” says super sloppy kisses are the most successful. Cute spread: Drew’s BF, Justin Long, stars in a fashion photo shoot.
Grade: B+

Allure: We flipped through the first 30 pages of beauty news and stopped excitedly when we saw an article by Patti Stanger, the Millionaire Matchmaker in “Hot to Fix Up Your Friends.” We had to ask ourselves, “Have we ever gone about this in the right way?” But of course, Patti would know. In the Directory this month, there are tons of national beauty deals for under $100. The cover girl is Amanda Seyfried whose cover line reads “I am surrounded by beautiful actresses! They’re everywhere!” Does she know she’s one of them? She looks stunning, and the article made us realize we should be watching her more. We forgot she’s only 23!
Grade: B