Sex Is Not A Top Priority For Women

Cooking Light recently conducted a national survey of women over the age of 25 asking them to prioritize behaviors that promote their health. The respondents were asked to rank seven different behaviors in order of importance and their answers may surprise you. See how sex ranked after the jump.1. Getting enough sleep
2. Keeping stress level low
3. Finding time to relax
4. Eating healthfully
5. Drinking the recommended amount of water
6. Finding time to exercise
7. Having enough sex

Sex is dead last, which is interesting because at least several other items on the list (lowering stress, exercising … even relaxing) could be crossed off the list with a little action between the sheets. So, what do you think the deal is? My guess is the same women who read Cooking Light, women who spend a lot of time worrying about how many calories are in a cup of full-fat milk and whether edamame is a healthier snack than English Peas, might be a little more uptight than your average woman. Other thoughts? [via Cooking Light]

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