Quickies!: Ryan Jenkins’ Sister May Have Helped Him, Plus The History Of Contraception

  • Ryan Jenkins’ 19-year-old half-sister might be the unnamed accomplice who helped him avoid capture for the murder of his wife, Jasmine Fiore. [People] — He’s dead, but the media is still out for blood.
  • Kendra Wilkinson and Kourtney Kardashian say they feared their breast implants would prevent them from breast-feeding. [Us Weekly] — You’d think these two were the first women to get pregnant.
  • Here’s some more news about annoying Kendra: She plans to write a memoir detailing her childhood, Playboy, and her relationship with Hugh Hefner. [Today]

  • The $4.6 million bid for the crypt above Marilyn Monroe’s grave has fallen through, according to the seller’s lawyer. [Reuters] — I bet someone was bidding as a joke and hoped to be outbid.
  • Dita Von Teese is writing a beauty book that should be released in a year. [Blogdorf Goodman] — I wonder if she’ll detail the differences between shades of red lipsticks.
  • Contraception has had an amazing and curious history that included crocodile dung as spermicide. [Health.com] — Um, wouldn’t the scent of dung in a vagina keep all men away anyway?