Is It Dangerous to Have a Skinny Fat Mindset?

In her Newsweek blog “Confessions of a Skinny Fat Person: Let the Fat Wars Begin,” Kate Dailey reveals her annoying skinny fat mindset about weight and its relationship to health. For those of you that don’t know what a “skinny fat” is, it’s a person who is skinny on the outside and fat on the inside. You know…that person with great genes who looks great in their jeans no matter how many bags of Doritos they eat. Because Kate appears to be skinny (she tells us more than once that her ass looks good), that has somehow qualified her to write about obesity and health for Newsweek. After reading “Lessons From the Fat-O-Sphere,” being introduced to the fat acceptance movement, and discovering that her body fat was 30% (critically high), she felt like a fraud. And the true question finally dawned on her “is it about weight or about health?” Duh. It’s about health. And then she realized how much this country hates fat people. Again…duh. So Kate will be paying extra close attention to The Fat Wars, a Newsweek exclusive web series running this week that attempts to re-examine these complex attitudes we have toward fatness: is our focus on weight loss over health actually making us less healthy? Umm…yes! I’m not saying that I agree with the fat acceptance movement glamorizing an unhealthy lifestyle – there’s no way in hell that I think it’s healthy to be morbidly obese – but for the most part it’s a no-brainer that our focus should be on health. I don’t blame Kate for being thin; I blame her for her blissfully ignorant skinny fat mindset. It makes me appreciate that weight and health are things I’ve always had to be conscious of because I think it serves me better as an adult. My eating habits and exercise routine are on point and I appreciate the hard work I’ve put in to be fit and healthy. [Newsweek]

So what do you think? Are we too focused as a society on weight rather than health?