Iranian Prez Appoints Three Ladies To His Cabinet, But For The Right Reasons?

Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad has nominated three women to serve in his cabinet. This sounds amazing on the first read, but don’t get too excited—many people believe this move is totally self-serving. Ahmadinejad is likely trying to take support away from his rival, relatively liberal and pro-women candidate Mir Hossein Mousavi, who most likely actually won the contested June election that spawned many violent protests. Although the nominations may make Ahmadinejad seem more moderate and less like a holdover from the Stone Age, female activists say the appointments will hurt, not help, their cause and think that the three women Ahmadinejad picked will basically serve as his puppets. The gals he chose don’t have a lot of experience, and are expected to pretty much just align themselves with the president’s policies. One nominee, Fatemeh Ajorlu, actually supports a bill that allows men to have multiple wives, without asking their first wives’ permission. And yet, many conservatives are also pissed about these new chicks in the government. Writer Fatemeh Rajabi, a super-traditional female, hated on the nominations, saying, “They are the goal of feminists and secularists.” She claimed, ”No pure [woman] would do such a thing.” [NY Times]

Whoa. Your thoughts?

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