Girl Facing Jail Time For Art Project Gone Very Wrong

If you attended an arts college like I did, then you know that the constant competition to be the best, the brutal critiques, and the pressure to push the boundaries is enough to make you want to jump off a bridge. And in a move that can only be described as supremely post-postmodern, that’s what Swedish art student Anna Odell attempted to do as a performance art piece for a final project—jump off the Liljeholmen Bridge.

After getting locked up for a day in a psych ward, Anna took her bow, announcing that she was not actually psychotic or suicidal. It was all part of a piece meant to expose the flaws in the Swedish psychiatric system. Well-played, Anna! Unfortunately, the Swedish authorities have not given the project the glowing reviews that she had hoped for. She is now being charged with false alarm, violent resistance and fraudulent practice. She is also facing a claim against her from North Stockholm Psychiatry for $1,700 and possible imprisonment. [The Local]

Interestingly, Anna isn’t the only female student to come up with a pretty controversial art project recently. Here are some others:

  • Yale University art student Aliza Shvarts did not do any old senior art project. Her exhibit was a documentation of a nine-month period during which she artificially inseminated herself with sperm, while periodically taking abortion pills to induce miscarriages. Her goal in creating the exhibition, Shvarts said, was to spark conversation and debate on the relationship between art and the human body. [Yale Daily News] — As you can imagine, many people were not feelin’ that relationship.
  • After that debacle, Yale was not about to display Kate Levant’s performance art piece that included live blood donation. She eventually booked herself a show at the Zach Feuer Gallery in New York City. [NY Mag] — Take that, Yale.
  • A high school in Arlington, Texas, was recently placed on lockdown after a bunch of students dressed in camouflage and carrying rifles got people all riled up. Of course, the rifles were not real. They were just reenacting scenes from the Vietnam War as part of an art project. [Fox News] — I guess all of those school shootings have made people touchy or something?