Chris Brown Goes Clubbing After His Sentencing

Not that he’s doing anything right, but a few hours after Chris Brown was sentenced for assaulting Rihanna, he celebrated by heading to a Los Angeles club where he jumped up on a booth and did an impromptu performance of Michael Jackson’s “Dirty Diana.” One club goer said, “He not only sang, but danced his ass off. He didn’t seem to care at all that everyone was watching him. He was in a totally good mood, just hanging out with his buddies.” [Contact Music]

Well, of course he was in a good mood—he got out of this mess with no jail time, just 1,400 hours of community service and domestic violence classes. We think it was kinda tacky to make a scene after getting off easy for committing a heinous crime, but plenty of stars have found other ways to act inappropriately after escaping the clutches of the law.

  • After violating her DUI probation, Khloe Kardashian was sentenced to 30 days in jail in 2007. But when the jail received bomb threats, she was released after 173 minutes and instructed to attend classes and pay a fine. It appeared she’d learned her lesson when she said, “One drink, and you could get pulled over! Have a friend drive you, leave your car there, it’s not worth it.” But not only did she go partying the night before her sentencing. After her release, she allegedly went to dinner with her mom, where they pounded wine and joked about alcoholism. Apparently they had a driver, though. [The Insider]
  • No one received more publicity for their jail sentence than Paris Hilton, who spent 23 days of her 45 day sentence in jail, but was released for good behavior. After her release, she changed in a public bathroom, and her lawyer handed a drawing from Paris to Harvey Levin, the managing editor of TMZ, to thank him for his “fair and unbiased reporting of the events in her case.” Shortly after, Paris appeared on “Larry King Live,” did a spread in People, and took herself on a shopping trip to Maui! [CelebrityGossip] — Going to jail was probably one of her most profitable ventures, ever. Plus she lost ten pounds!
  • Rapper Foxy Brown spent almost a year in Rikers Island in New York for violating her probation after allegedly hitting a woman with a cell phone. She also plead guilty in 2004 for attacking two manicurists. After her release, she went shopping and ate soul food in Harlem and said, “I did almost a year in prison, a year in prison, just because my name is Foxy Brown.” [Us Magazine] — Oooh, is that why? I thought it was because you went crazy on people?
  • Kate Moss’ ex, Pete Doherty, has been in trouble with the law for drug possession too many times to count. In 2007, he faced jail time, but the police failed to bring Doherty to a judge within 24 hours, so the charges had to be dropped. A day later, Pete’s kitten tested positive for cocaine and a couple weeks later, pictures emerged of him feeding his kitty a miniature crack pipe he made especially for the occasion. [Splash News]
  • While Nick Hogan was still in jail for the reckless driving incident that turned his friend into a vegetable, the Hulk called Nick up and the recording appeared online. First, Hulk insinuates that John must have been a bad person to have been dealt such misfortune. Then Nick and Hulk plan a reality show tentatively called “The New Nick,” showing him getting back on his feet. Nick says he wants to do it with whoever will pay him more. [Access Hollywood] — Um, jerk-off, you’re still in jail, your friend’s future is over. Nobody cares if you’ve changed, cause you obviously haven’t.