Are Distressed Jeans Ever Worth The Money?

Do you guys remember when Guess jeans cost, like, $40 and your mom was all, “Sorry kid, I’m not made of money, forget about it,” and stuff? Around the same time, jeans of the hole-y on purpose, paint splattered and bleached variety started popping up? Newspapers like The Daily Mail, Houston Chronicle and the Washington Times have all recently confirmed what fashion insiders knew already: the new old jean is back (or something like that).

We’re fine with the ’80s being all totally awesome again, but the fact that all this distressed denim is way more expensive than ever makes us feel barfy. It’s absurd! For example, a Daily Mail reporter wrote that her friend picked up a pair of trendy, previously messed-up Current/Elliott skinny jeans (they’re about $225), which ended up immediately tearing from seam to seam, and not in a cute way. If you had just shelled out that much cash, wouldn’t you be ridiculously disappointed, if not irate? I do agree that sometimes a little extra money goes a long way when it comes to finding the perfect fit. After all, great jeans are one item in your wardrobe that you’re basically guaranteed to wear and often. Still, when it comes to all the schmancy, new beat-up pairs being sold at top dollar right now, well, I have plenty of worn-out, beat-up-looking jeans. Guess I’ll be shopping my closet this fall.

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