Today’s Lady News: Saudi Child Bride Forced To Return To Her 80-Year-Old Husband

Jessica Wakeman | August 26, 2009 - 8:30 pm
  • A 10-year-old Saudi Arabian girl has been returned to her 80-year-old husband after hiding at her aunt’s home for 10 days. The marriage is allowed by Sharia law, which the husband has accused the girl’s aunt of violating by allowing the girl to hide from him. [Fox News] — Sheesh. And some people are worried about the age difference between Candace Bushnell and her husband?
  • PETA is taking down their crap billboard depicting a large woman, which says “Save The Whales! Lose the Blubber: Go Vegetarian.” [Jezebel]
  • U.K. health officials warn that some moms have given birth in hospital hallways, bathrooms and elevators due to maternity unit overcrowding. Maternity beds have been cut by almost 25 percent since 1997. [Sky News] — No wonder this woman had her baby on the pavement outside a British hospital.
  • A Feministing blogger says Bitch magazine’s redesign is “too pink.” [Feministing] — Eye rolls.
  • A rape victim said the way she was questioned by a judge after the rapist was convicted was inappropriate. In 2008, the victim and her friend met a man at a club, who raped the victim while her friend ran away. A jury found the perpetrator guilty, but he had opted to allow the judge to sentence him instead. Judge Kevin Fine then continued to question the victim’s version of events further, and told her he found it “odd” than she was on top of the rapist during the assault. He even lectured the victim in the court room that “sending an innocent man to prison in the name of law and order is the greatest injustice this society can do.” However, after listening to the victim’s 911 call for the sixth time, he sentenced the perpetrator to 25 years in prison. [Houston Chronicle] — This is almost as bad as yesterday’s awful rape-in-the-justice-system story.
  • Police busted up a sexual trafficking ring of women and teen girls in Houston. Six adults have been charged, including a former police officer. The women and teens, who were as young as 16, were forced into prostitution and beaten. [Fox News]
  • That’s weird: gonorrhea cases among women in Sweden rose over 30 percent (from the same period the year before) during the first six months of 2009. [The Local] — Please tell me they all weren’t sleeping with Swedish dudes who are proud of their STDs.
  • An Oregon school system voted last month to stop dispensing birth control, including Plan B and condoms, in school health clinics. School health centers can still prescribe birth control but they can’t distribute it to the teens anymore. [South Lincoln County News]
  • Writer Katie Roiphe, who lives for pissing off feminists, penned a piece for Double X about how her newborn baby is like an “addiction” and feminists only focus on “the drudgery of new motherhood” instead of its, uh, narcotic-like pleasures. [Double X] — We love a lot of posts on Double X, but they sure do publish a lot of posts that take potshots at feminists.
  • Money and happiness aren’t the only things women take into consideration when choosing a career: the amount of testosterone coursing through her bod plays a part, too. A study of 500 graduate business school students showed women with more testosterone are more likely to choose a risky career like finance. Testosterone levels had no bearing on men’s career choices, however. [ABC News]
  • Women might not be getting diagnosed with ovarian cancer because doctors aren’t recognizing the symptoms, according to a British Medical Journal study. [BBC] — That seems like an easy problem to fix.