It’s Not Cheating If…

#Itsnotcheating is a trending topic that’s been all the rage on Twitter. The glimpse into the human psyche’s thoughts on infidelity that it provides is terrifying! As in “It’s not cheating if it happens in Cancun!” terrifying.

After the jump, check out Twitter’s list of mucho slippery ways to cheat that some peeps shockingly think are a-OK. We’re hoping some of these are jokes!

  • …if he kisses me first.
  • …it’s payback.
  • …if you pay for it.
  • …if it’s girl on girl and he’s watching. F*** it, it’s still not cheating even if he’s not. [Blogger’s note: Way to fetishize lesbians, people.]
  • …if you didn’t like it.
  • …if you broke up for a day.
  • ….if you don’t get caught.
  • …if you didn’t orgasm.
  • …if you’re trying to get a promotion.
  • …if it’s her homegirls or family.
  • …if you get head with a condom on.
  • …when you’re being friendly to someone of the opposite sex.
  • …if it was through webcam.
  • …if it happens in Cancun or Vegas.
  • …if I never talk to you again afterwards.
  • …if I wore a condom.
  • …if you go f*** somebody rich and famous.
  • …if you imagine your man’s face.
  • …unless you have proof!

Anything on the “It’s Not Cheating If…” list you agree with?