In Phoenix Teens Are Taking Getting High To New Limits

I found this report so disturbing that during our daily meeting here at Frisky Headquarters, when everyone clamored for more info on the whys and the hows, I protested. According to this news story, teens in Phoenix, Arizona are doing some things so disturbing I’m putting them after the jump. It used to be that teens would nick booze from their parents’ pantry to get wasted. Not anymore. Nowadays, kids are snorting vodka, doing anal beer bongs, and soaking tampons in vodka. The goal is faster absorption, and the young people doing it are damaging their internal systems. Anal beer bongs? Vodka-soaked tampons? It sounds almost too crazy to be true. But it is. How an anal beer bong works, I do not want to know.

Check out the video to hear more about the craze and the other ways kids are hiding their stashes.