Did A LEGO Giraffe Lose His Penis? Or Was It His Tail?

Poor baby! An 18-foot tall giraffe made out of LEGOs in Berlin’s LEGOland Discovery Center keeps getting his tail stolen! A spokesperson for the LEGO center said every time a visitor ganks the giraffe tail, which is made of 15,000 LEGOs, it costs $4,300 to replace. Heartless hoodlums have stolen the animal’s tail four times already. The weirdest part of this whole story, though, is that in Australia, news outlets reported that the giraffe’s penis was stolen, not its tail. (Slow news day Down Under, eh?) See, a stolen giraffe penis would be damn funny. If we have any Frisky readers in Germany, we’re anxiously awaiting clarification on this matter! [Yahoo]

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