Candace Bushnell Tames The Term “Cougar”

Famous lady author Candace Bushnell has cracked the whip against the term “cougar” in an op-ed published in the upcoming issue of More magazine. So what if the “Sex and the City” writer is 50 and her hubby (a ballet dancer … hot) is 10 years younger? Don’t call the lady a “cougar!” She wonders, rightfully so, why every time a woman breaks through some kind of uncharted territory they receive an annoying label—like when successful business women are called “ball busters” or “ice queens.” (Sorry Anna Wintour, it’s kind of true in your case.) OK Candace, you sold me. Now that I think about it, the term “cougar” does have a bit of a negative, predatory connotation. Like the only way a younger guy would like an older woman would be if she captured him and lured him into her den. And conversely, the only way a woman would want a younger dude would be for sex. In the piece Bushnell points out, “What I have yet to see is a real woman choose a younger man because he spent six hours a day at the gym trying to sculpt his abs. The fact that a man is open to being with an older woman suggests that he doesn’t give a hang what other people think of him. More likely, he’s confident, open-minded and willing to make his own rules. All of which just happen to be qualities that, much more than a great six-pack, make for a great relationship.” [NY Daily News]

Cheers to that! I have been finding younger guys attractive lately because they have a sweetness and innocence about them that often seems to be jadedly absent from guys my own age. Thank you, Candace. I hope you don’t mind if I call you “refreshing.” That’s not offensive, is it?