Are People Inclined To Date Those Who Look … Familial?

On VH1’s latest celeb-reality-dating-show, Antonio Sabato Jr. — famous for filling out a pair of Calvins — is looking for wifey #3 and he’s got the help of his super opinionated (because she’s Italian, duh!) mother. Of the contestants that remain, the one who seems most likely to win is Christi Shake, a Playboy playmate with bright red hair and a big smile. In fact, she looks a lot like Mamma Sabato, who also rocks a vibrant shade of red hair. Is this just a coincidence or is Antonio looking for someone who reminds him of his precious mommy? And, for that matter, are we all kind of, sort of, drawn to mates that remind us of family?
To continue with the celeb examples, Michael Lohan’s latest girlfriend, Erin Muller, has the same peroxide blonde and Mystic Tan of his daughter Lindsay. Of course, Lindz is the spitting image of her mom (and Michael’s ex) Dina, but you’d think the resemblance would remind him of their bitter divorce.

And then there’s Hulk Hogan. He’s dating Jennifer McDaniel, who bares such a striking resemblance to daughter Brooke that when he was busted by the paparazzi rubbing suntan lotion on a blonde woman’s booty the gossip mags assumed it was Brooke. Creepy, no?

So tell us — have you ever noticed physical similarities between the guys you’re dating and, say, your dad? And have you ever dated a guy whose mom could pass as yours?