Who Is Lauren Conrad’s BF, Kyle Howard?

In the September issue of Shape magazine, Lauren Conrad of “The Hills” talks about her new boyfriend, Kyle Howard, for the first time. Only, it left us scratching our heads because we have no idea who the eff he is. All Lauren really said in the interview is the two have a lot of romantic dinners together and now she has a “boyfriend layer” of stomach fat. So we did a little snooping and found out some other info about this mysterious dude.

  • He’s from Loveland, Colorado. With a hometown like that, we know he must be good in the sack.
  • He’s been in a bunch of movies like “House Arrest,” “Baby Geniuses,” “Skeletons” and “Robo Warriors.”
  • Kyle, 31, also appeared on shows like “Related,” “Run of the House,” “Grosse Point,” and a bunch more that I’m not going to list because you never watched them anyway. [IMDb]
  • According to his MySpace page, some of Kyle’s heroes are Kelly Slater, Jack Johnson, Tom Curren, David Fincher and Puck from “The Real World” because “he’s classy.” We assume he’s kidding?
  • His general interests are “Snacking, Napping, Surfing, Music (Listening and Playing), Movie Watching, Coffee, Traveling, Snacking, and Napping.”
  • Kyle is an Aries. If that means anything to you, great.