Today’s Lady News: Attorneys Want Woman To Reenact Alleged Rape In The Courtroom

  • Attorneys for a man accused of raping an Ohio woman have asked the victim to reenact the alleged rape on the bed she was allegedly raped on. In the courtroom. In front of the jury. The attorneys say they believe semen stains on the bed would not match up with the physical positions the victim says her body was in when she was raped. Instead, sheet stains would prove Charles H. Nguyen and his alleged victim had consensual sex several times and the jury could use a visual aid to drive the point home. [Athens News] — Oh, this just makes me want to scream.
  • EasyJet airline has said a story printed in an Italian newspaper about a large, female passenger who was supposedly asked to purchase two seats on the plane is completely fake. La Repubblica reported that the passenger was asked to step on scales in front of other passengers and was then told, “I’m sorry, but you’re too fat, and if you want to fly with us, you have to buy two tickets.” After an investigation, the airline declared the story a hoax. [Telegraph]
  • Abortion trauma syndrome” does not exist, say two psychiatrists at the recent American Psychiatric Association conference in San Francisco. Anti-choicers have long proclaimed that women suffer mental illness after having an abortion, but these doctors insist that “abortion trauma syndrome” is not a scientifically based disorder used by the mental health establishment. [Psychiatric Times]
  • The National Organization for Marriage, a group that worked to ban gay marriage in California, launched a campaign today to try to re-ban gay marriage in Iowa. Iowa had previously passed a law that banned gay marriage, but in April 2009 a court overturned the law, calling it unconstitutional. [LA Times]
  • A bouncer at a gentlemen’s club in Britain has been found guilty of being a Peeping Tom after watching a teenage girl on the toilet last summer. He has been placed on a sex offenders list for five years and is barred from entering female bathrooms or working as a bouncer. [The Sun] — So gross. But I’m wondering what a teenage girl was doing in a strip club?
  • What role do men have in feminism? Yes, men! Read this interview with Shira Tarrant, PhD, author of Men And Feminism, to find out. [Bitch Magazine]