Star Couplings: Diddy’s Favorite Post-Coital Meal

  • Diddy craves turkey sandwiches after great sex. [Bossip]
  • Jerry O’Connell told People that Rebecca Romijn’s “factory is closed. [People] — What a lovely name to call your wife’s reproductive system.
  • A source told Us Weekly that Jennifer Aniston won’t date a “normal” guy: “She goes after the hottest thing of the moment, what she knows will get her the most time in the spotlight.” [Us Weekly] — In that case, maybe she would go for Aaron Carter.
  • Khloé Kardashian hopes sister Kim and Reggie Bush get back together. [E! Online] — Khloé’s probably sick of hearing her oldest sister complain about not getting pregnant before Kourtney.
  • Melanie Griffith has gone to rehab. According to a statement released by the actress, she is seeking treatment for an addiction to prescribed pain medication. Luckily, husband Antonio Banderas is sticking with her. “Without Antonio in her life, I honestly believe Melanie would be dead,” a source said. [Dlisted] — Melanie, you were able to go from secretary to boss in “Working Girl,” so I believe you can beat this, too.
  • Several Miss Universe contestants participated in the Condom Olympics on Friday in the Bahamas, racing against one another to blow up a condom until it burst. [TMZ] — Miss Australia blew the hardest.