MTV To Possibly Ruin “Skins,” The Best Show Ever, By Bringing It To The States

Hells yeah! MTV is developing a U.S. version of the popular British show “Skins.” If you’ve never seen “Skins” before, I hereby order you to add it to your Netflix queue. Oft-compared to “Degrassi,” I say “Skins” is the absolute best TV show about teenagers that I’ve ever seen. And not campy good, like “Gossip Girl,” but really good. On the show, teenagers are treated like actual young adults with real-life teenager problems, like parents remarrying, being cheated on, unrequited love, or eating disorders. There’s no “Oh, I inherited my billionaire dad’s company, what am I to do?” b.s. here. Each episode focuses on one kid in a group of suburban high school friends and deals with how their friends and family screw them up more or help keep them sane. It’s unclear if “Skins” in the U.S. will transport similar characters from any of the seasons from the U.K. show. The Hollywood Reporter merely said the U.S. “Skins” cast will have teenagers aged 16 to 19 and will likely be set in Baltimore.

MTV beat out CW in bidding for the rights to “Skins,” which hopefully means it will be less trashy? (It’s hard to tell.) Unlike our stateside teen dramas, there’s a lot of cursing, very little sex or hooking up on the show and—shocker!—the actresses actually dress like real teenage girls do. The jury is out as to whether MTV will suck-ify the most rad show ever, so add the U.K. “Skins” to your queue to prep and stay tuned… [The Hollywood Reporter]