Kari Ann Peniche Wants To Be Just Like Oprah!

After that video of her nakey with Dr. McSteamy and the Noxzema Girl made the rounds on the internet last week, former Miss United States Teen-turned-Playboy -model-turned-(maybe?)-madam Kari Ann Peniche cut a deal with E! to do a two-part exclusive interview. However, over the weekend, she sat down for an interview with Steppin’ Out Magazine. What, you’ve never of it? Well, it’s only the #1 weekly entertainment magazine in New Jersey, people! With 140,000 weekly readers! So why would Peniche preempt a flashy, big deal, on-air interview for Steppin’ Out? Apparently, the reporter is a friend. According to NY Daily News, E! is pretty upset about this whole situation. “Kari Ann stands to lose a healthy amount of money for giving up her exclusive,” says a mysterious insider source. “Her team has been freaking out and trying to kill the interview in Steppin’ Out.” Meanwhile, Kari’s manager (wait, she has a manager?) says there’s no breach of contract because the Steppin’ Out interview doesn’t hit newsstands until September 2, when the E! interview will have long since aired.

So what’s in this article? In it, Peniche supposedly dishes about how upset her mom was about the leaked video. “But I have no regrets. You can’t have any regrets,” she says. “I learned that I have a love addiction and a sex addiction. Sex addiction is like a drug addiction. It can vary.” Yes, there was obviously a lot of love going on in the hot tub. In the interview, Kari also divulges her big plans for the future—she’d like to be the next Oprah Winfrey. Oh, and apparently she’s working on her own fashion line.

We wish the most scandaltastic beauty queen of all time the best of luck in these future endeavors. We’ll be waiting on the edge of our seat for “The Kari Show” and Peniche Pageant Gowns. [NY Daily News]