In Defense Of Taylor From “The Rachel Zoe Project”

Season two of “The Rachel Zoe Project” premiered last night, confirming something I’d often felt throughout season one: I heart Taylor.

In case you’re not on a first-name basis with her, Taylor Jacobson is a styling associate who works for Rachel Zoe. She is part of the Brad-Taylor dynamic duo that helps Rachel dress clients for movie premieres, award shows, and more. With her messy blond hair that covers half her face more than half the time and stacked gold bracelets and a chunky watch on her wrist, Taylor is rock ‘n’ roll, and she has a bad attitude to match. When I confessed my girl crush on Taylor to a friend, he said, “I’m sorry, all she does is complain.” But that’s part of why I like her.As Rachel’s Girl Friday, Taylor ensures lost Dior dresses are found, calms nervous celebs before they walk the red carpet, and collects shoe options at the last minute. She obviously loves her job, but she hates it, too. Working in essentially the same position for three years has made her feel as though she’s stuck in a rut, and she’s starting to get irritable about it — wouldn’t you?

Meanwhile, lovable Brad makes silly jokes and tries on women’s clothing every chance he can get. He adds levity to stressful situations, but Taylor’s the one who forces him back on track to get the task done. It isn’t fun being the person who stops the silliness, but there’s work to be done and clothes to call in! Despite the unreality of most reality shows (“Real World”-ers working? Ha.), styling celebrities is a job and Taylor treats it as one.

In an interview with New York Post blog PopWrap, Taylor addressed a question about her on-screen attitude:

PopWrap: Taylor, you never seemed thrilled to be on camera — how do you feel now?
Taylor Jacobson: I wasn’t the biggest fan, and I’m still really not. But I support Rachel and the show gives her more exposure to use as a platform to launch her products and that’s where I see myself in the future.

And last night, Taylor tweeted, “RZP season 2 premieres tonight. Get ready for another round of complaining and unhappiness from me.”

I appreciate her honesty. Not everyone is a natural in front of the camera, but after what the first season of the show has done for her boss, Taylor obviously understands that she should suck it up and go along with the show. And because she doesn’t really want to be on TV (unlike Brad, who hams it up so much he appears to be auditioning to be the next “Queer Eye” host), she brings a little more reality to “The Rachel Zoe Project”: We all have days where we’re cranky.

Throughout this season, I think we’re going to see just how three-dimensional Taylor is as she struggles to figure out her next move, career-wise. Should she remain with Rachel, or go off on her own? And, we’ve already witnessed some of her insecurities with how she dealt with Rachel and Brad always asking styling assistant Jordan to try on clothes since Taylor, who has a larger chest, can’t fit into them.

Call her a bitch or a complainer, but Taylor is essential to the “Rachel Zoe Project.” Without her, the show would be too playful and fun for it to be even a glamorous version of reality.