Odd Look-A-Like Plastic Surgery: Woman Pays Way Too Much to Look Like Queen Nefertiti

What do you do when you have visions of yourself as Queen Nefertiti in a former life? You spend a quarter of a million dollars on 51 plastic surgeries so that you can look like her, of course. That’s exactly what a 49-year-old mother of three, Nileen Namita, has done. She has spent more than 20 years attempting to turn herself into the ancient Egyptian Queen. She’s gotten eight nose jobs, three chin implants, three facelifts, two lip surgeries, five eye surgeries and many other minor tweaks. And after all that, I just look at her face and see … no resemblance whatsoever. [Daily Mail]

Namita has been to therapy to try to get over these fantastical visions of herself as Nefertiti. All I have to say is that this clearly is an addiction, and any doctor participating in it is the equivalent of a pusher man. After the jump, other people who have taken the plastic surgery look-a-like thing waaay too far.

Jessica Rabbit: Perhaps even more psycho than trying to look like an Egyptian queen is trying to look like a freaking cartoon. A model from the UK got a dye job, boob job, lip and chin implants, and green contacts—all in the pursuit of the likeness of cartoon character Jessica Rabbit. [The Sun] — Next thing we know, she’ll start screwing a bunny.
Barbie and Ken: This charming couple wanted to make Barbie and Ken’s fantasy dream house a reality … via plastic surgery. Cindy (aka Barbie) started her transformation with her inheritance after her father passed. Then Tim (aka Ken) saw her on a talk show and decided to become her Ken. [Anomalies Unlimited] — Please tell me they don’t have plastic privates, too.
Cat Lady: Who can forget socialite Jocelyn Wildenstein’s feline-like nightmare of a human face? After a messy divorce she decided to remodel … herself. She took the idea of becoming a lonely, old cat lady literally. I think she should look into starring in horror movies. Are they doing a remake of “The Island of Doctor Moreau” anytime soon?
Cher: Do you believe in life after plastic surgery? Cher impersonator Laura Steele does. After nose and eye surgery and a lip enhancement, she feels so good that she’s ready to rock a g-strap. [BBC News]
Brad Pitts: These, um, formerly awkward twins Mike and Matt did not have the faces for “the biz.” So they got new faces—Brad Pitt’s, to be exact. [MTV] — Now they just need to find some twins who are willing to go under the knife and get Angelina makeovers.
Jennifer Aniston: The best way to make your ex jealous is to get plastic surgery to look like Jennifer Aniston, right? Yeah, because her love life is going so well! Regardless, that’s what Austin mom Kelly Chandler did. [Austin Chronicle] — When you’re angry, don’t get even … get surgery?