The (Real) Virtual Makeover Is Here!

Earlier this month we reported on Ray-Ban’s new virtual mirror, a program that allows you to see how sunglasses will actually look on you before you order them online. Now The Daily Makeover has announced a revolutionary antidote to being attacked by rabid perfume sprayers at your local department store: virtual makeup application. But will it replace the real-life makeup counter once and for all? [Tech Crunch]You can already give yourself a makeover on their site by uploading a photo and trying on new hairstyles and stuff, which we highly recommend. However, the new and improved Makeover Studio uses the latest in facial recognition technology to give you a much more authentic look at how a plum smoky eye will look on you, down to the finish (as in shimmery, matte, etc.). It’s pretty major, especially considering that unless you were re-ordering a product you already know works for you, who would dare risk wasting money on a color that could potentially make you look ill? Sadly, either due to the fact that it’s in beta-form right now or the traffic is killing it, we weren’t able to upload our mug in jpeg form to test it out. However, we are totally fascinated and will keep checking back.

Of course, now that we think about it, minute color variants on screen can translate into huge differences in real life–as anyone who has ordered a dress that looked plum online but pinky-puce in person can tell you (d’oh!)–and there is something to be said for someone showing you how to apply a product correctly. Still, this is one great step for womankind when it comes to trying out new looks sans Eau de Britney being sprayed in our faces while we’re just trying to grab some gloss, jeez. Did I mention that already?

Interested parties can try it on for size here. If you can get it to work please report back! And of course if you have any thoughts on digital makeup shopping and whether you’d be into it or not, you know, feel free to let loose…