The 5 New Articles Of Clothing You Haven’t Yet Heard Of

It’s no longer enough to wear a pair of shoes, a shirt, or a skirt. No, fashion has gotten so much more complicated. Now there are articles with names like shooties (pictured) and jeggings, because combination clothes are so hot right now. What began with the skort back in the ’60s has become a full-on pandemic this year. When will we let a pair of pants be a pair of pants? Not anytime soon. After the jump, five combination clothing items we see on the horizon.

  • Swape: A sweater that doubles as a cape; the arms are removable, allowing for your arms to be kept warm during the day and for you to be ready to attend the Opera (or fight crime) at night.
  • Shight: It sounds like a swearword, but shights are shoes and tights combined. Since no one will be able to tell where one ends and the other begins, your legs will appear to go on for days.
  • Gleeves: You might have thought you couldn’t wear anything without sleeves during the cold months, but slip on a pair of gleeves (glove-sleeves), and your arms won’t get frostbite.
  • Undsie: Onesies have gained popularity in the last couple years because they are a complete outfit-in-one article of clothing, and because Zooey Deschanel probably wore one once and looked adorable. Undsies bring the best of the onesie to the underwear world, giving you only one garment to put on under your clothes.
  • Hirt: Haven’t you always wanted a hat that was also a shirt? Well, that’s what a hirt is! Oh wait, this might already exist under the name “hoodie.”
  • What combination clothes would you like to see?