Murdered Model’s Mother And Ex-Boyfriend Appear On “Today”

After alleged murderer and former “Megan Wants A Millionaire” contestant Ryan Jenkins was found hanging from a coat rack in a Vancouver motel room yesterday, the mother and ex-boyfriend of Jasmine Fiore, the woman he allegedly murdered, sat down on the “Today Show” to talk about this crazy mess. The ex, Robert Hasman, claims he didn’t know about Ryan, but said he’d been exchanging intimate messages and emails with Jasmine. In their last text, Jasmine supposedly told him she was coming to Las Vegas so the two could reunite. Lisa Lapore, Fiore’s mom, said that the fact that Ryan was dead “brings some closure to what’s going on” and says it’s a relief that he’s no longer a threat to anyone. “I think no one will ever know that this man was a professional con man,” she said. “He targeted women. … He wanted to be something he wasn’t.”

But now that police are no longer on the hunt for Jenkins, they now have to search for someone else. Weirdly, a woman was with him when he checked in to the motel. She paid cash for the room and hung around for about 20 minutes before bouncing out. Motel manager Kevin Walker noticed very little activity in the room for the next couple of days. When Jenkins failed to check out three days later, Walker went to his room, opened the door and, in his words, “… there was death staring at me.” He immediately called the police.

The manager didn’t recognize Jenkins from the images that had been flashing across his TV screen because when Jenkins checked in he was super skinny. “He looked like a man at the end of his rope,” Walker said. Geez, what a terrible pun. [Vancouver Sun]