Lindsay Lohan Needs To Worry Less About Her BlackBerry And More About Security

Lindsay Lohan had a rough weekend. It started out kind of chuckle-worthy, when she left her BlackBerry sitting on a deli counter at a Manhattan bodega. The store worker asked LiLo to prove that the BlackBerry was hers before giving it back to her, but when one of her friends called the phone, it didn’t ring. So the deli dude asked Lindz to look at the security tapes with him. Lindsay freaked out and one of her friends dialed 911. The shop owner said, “Who is she? Is she a star? I’m no celebrity. I’m not nothing. I’m only a restaurant worker.” [NY Daily News]

But this is nothing compared to what was happening back at Lindsay’s home in Hollywood…On Sunday, when Lindsay returned home to her mansion after a late night out, she discovered that her home had been burgled. The thieves ripped her safe out of the wall, took the door off its hinges and stole a bunch of her personal stuff—including clothes, jewelry and watches. Lindsay’s father, Michael Lohan, thinks employees are responsible because the alarm wasn’t turned on. No arrests have been made, but this is the second time LiLo’s house has been burgled since May. [Daily Mail UK]

We suggest she beef up security and quit worrying about her cell phone.