King Of Pop News Drop: Official Says Michael’s Death Was A Homicide

Ever since Michael Jackson died, there’s been a steady stream of folks who have said that he was murdered, most of them bearing the last name Jackson. LaToya was quick to tell News of the World newspaper, “Michael was murdered. It was a conspiracy to get his money. We don’t think just one person was involved.” And a week before that, the King of Pop’s lawyer divulged to Life & Style, “He feared somebody wanted to kill him. He was even concerned people would kill him to somehow try to take control of the Beatles back catalog.”

It sounded far fetched. But it now looks like they could be right.
A law enforcement official just told the Associated Press that Michael’s death has been determined a homicide by the Los Angeles coroner’s office. According to this guy, Michael was killed by a mix of the anesthetic drug propofol and two sedatives. And it looks likely that charges may be brought against Dr. Conrad Murray, the doc who was with Michael Jackson when he died. [USA Today]

Here’s what Murray had to say in his first public message since Michael’s death, released last week:

Um, weird. “Thank you for your messages?” “They mean the world to me?” What do you think—was this foul play or is this a conspiracy theory?