How To Style A Faux Hawk

Despite rumors to the contrary, mohawks are not “soon to be everywhere.” Unattractive, perpetually over-gelled and a staple mostly reserved for those who are trying too hard, it’s simply not a hairstyle that we see gaining too much traction any time soon, New York Magazine. But while the thought of the masses cropping their locks into that woefully misguided style makes us feel like gagging in advance, we are willing to make a concession for: the lady faux hawk.

You see, though it does technically copycat the mohawk in its singular focus on one protruding hair ridge down the center of the head, it does so with much more class and dignity. Plus, if you decide you’re sick of playing the badass, you can easily wash it out the next day. We’ll show you how to master our beloved faux hawk after the jump.

  1. Do not wash your hair, especially if it’s fine. The key to a good faux hawk is texture, and clean hair has a hard time maintaining form.
  2. Spread hair wax or pomade throughout your hair.
  3. With your hands, a comb or both, smooth the hair on the sides of your head down and back, leaving only a chunk down the center of your head free.
  4. Take your center chunk and pull up from the roots to make it stand up straight.
  5. Spray the whole thing with a super-strong hold hair spray like L’Oreal’s Elnett (what the pros use).
  6. Totally feel free to cheat via hair pins and/or with that oldie but goodie, the banana clip.