10 Ways To Glamour A Man Into Thinking You’re Perfect

We Frisky gals are obsessed with “True Blood.” These vamps we’d be happy to fang bang, no wooing necessary. I mean, have you seen Eric, shirtless and six-packed? As if being a stone cold fox with centuries of experience in bed wasn’t hot enough, the vamps on the HBO show can also glamour peeps. They stare deep into someone’s eyes until they melt like putty, agreeing to just about anything and everything. Magic! If only it were that easy for we mortal hos. But we’ve still got some skills! Here are some ways we women can bewitch a man into thinking we’re perfect prey.

  1. Cook Him His Fave Food: And wear a cute apron for that added sucker punch.
  2. Hand Him Your Panties: After that, he won’t be able to think of anything but his all-access pass.
  3. Hair, Long Beautiful Hair: Take your hair out of the pony tail, shake it out and watch his jaw drop. This works even better than flashing your ta-tas. Geez, men can be so easy to please!
  4. Put On Some Girl-On-Girl Porn: Follow his thought path — I’m mad at her and now I want … boobies!
  5. High Heels: Strut like you just don’t care who’s watching your booty.
  6. Dirty Talk: Say something hot and nasty. Then he’ll just make you want to scream.
  7. Get His Friends To Think You’re The Coolest: If all his bros swarm around you, he’ll know you’re the bee’s knees. The easiest way to start the lovefest is to buy them all a round of drinks.
  8. Strip Tease: Put on a show when you take off your clothes.
  9. Red Lipstick: There isn’t a man on the planet who doesn’t love red lipstick. It’s totes a biological mating signal. So when you’re ready to go, go with red.
  10. Blowjobs: But only if you’re into it. Blow jobs are hard but important work. For bonus points, massage his million-dollar spot.