Billy Bob Thornton Boxes … For A Movie

Looks like Hollywood has decided to give boxing dramas another shot. Actor Billy Bob Thornton and director Ron Shelton have teamed up to make a flick about a depressed, widowed ex-boxer and a troubled, teenaged Latino fighter. The movie, Pound for Pound, is based on a book by F.X. Toole, the same dude who wrote Rope Burns, which was the inspiration for Million Dollar Baby. [NY Times] — I’m nervous… It seems like every time Hollywood steps into the ring they eff things up really bad. Boxing movies, especially dramas, tend to be full of stereotypes. Million Dollar Baby was bad. The chick boxer in that flick, played by Hilary Swank, was totes messed up, like all female fighters supposedly are. Of course, she was from a poor family, had a bunch of issues and was super rough around the edges. Oh yeah, and in the end she dies, which practically never happens in boxing.

Pound for Pound doesn’t look like it’s going to be much better. In fact, I bet it’ll be completely unoriginal at best and totally full of stereotypes at worst. This story has been done again and again. It will probably begin with the ex-boxer sitting at home, alone and depressed, thinking about his glory days. Then, he’ll cross paths with the teenage fighter who, although he has lots of potential, has many issues that hinder him from doing his best. The old fighter dude will probably help this young firecracker who will start winning fights all over the place. The two will become besties. Maybe someone will die. The end.