RE COLLECTION Is A Chic Designer Label, Recollections Victorian Wear Is Not

The other day while browsing in Barneys, I came across a gorgeous cardigan by a company called RE COLLECTION. With an unusual tuxedo lapel, the piece was so interesting that I decided to take note of the label and research it further for a possible Frisky post. Yet, when I sat down to Google “recollection clothing,” the first thing that popped up was decidedly not the fancy label, but this, “Recollections: Historic, Romantic Clothing Reminiscent of Centuries Past.” And here’s why you’ll love it.

Obviously, this could not have been more different from what I was looking for. Nevertheless, this site is hilarious. And, who knows, maybe some of you Frisky readers are in the market for a Victorian ball gown or Edwardian ensemble? If you’re tired of thongs and boyshorts, maybe you want to give some lacy bloomers a try. For ladies’ night at the saloon (that’s “bar” in old-fashionedese), there are colorful, satin corset dresses adorned with black lace. There’s also a creepy “contemporary” section featuring romantic-inspired garments that I think are meant to be worn regularly. Of course, if you’re into role-play, a romp in a Civil War-era calico dress could be kind of sexy (bloomers and all). []

As for me, I decided to purchase my RE COLLECTION sweater. You can find it here by the way, if Recollection’s petticoats don’t tempt your fancy.