Courtney Love Embarrasses Herself (Again), Plus Other Totally Mortifying Celeb Moments

courtney love turtle m jpg
We all have our very embarrassing moments we would prefer to keep private. How can I forget the time that I face-planted as I passed Andy Samberg on the street? I was oogling him so hard that I didn’t see that curb. Oops. Luckily no one really cares when I make a fool of myself. But imagine being a celeb and having every embarrassing moment caught on film or video for the world to laugh at and scrutinize? Come on … you know you are guilty. Of course, some celebs are better at embarrassing themselves then others – like our favorite rocker, nut job Courtney Love. The latest from Love? She decided to share with the world, via Twitter, what goes on in her bed. No, please no! It’s even worse than you are imagining. It’s not a guy … she posted a bunch of pics with her and … her pet turtle. [Celebitchy]

WTF? Can’t you get salmonella or something? Courtney, please just stop! After the jump some other really embarrassing celebrity moments that you can’t help but enjoy.

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