Today’s Lady News: Michelle Obama’s Shorts Are Still News, Apparently

  • Stop the presses! Michelle Obama wore SHORTS! In public! As we said before, it is absurd the media thinks that the First Lady showing her legs above the knees is news. And now Time is jumping on the scrutinizing-the-famous-woman’s-body bandwagon, too, saying “[Michelle] just didn’t look particularly good in shorts. Her arms are much admired. Her legs are just, you know, legs.” [Time]
  • Sigh. Another scary “girl fight” video on YouTube. This time it’s a five-minute-long video of two groups of girls in Washington, D.C., who fight each other with rocks, belts and a knife. Apparently it ended when an adult (???) used her car to try to run over two of the girls on the sidewalk. [Fox News]—What the hell is going on with girls and aggression?
  • California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger has not blocked the parole of Deborah Peagler, a battered woman who is serving a 25-to-life sentence in prison for murdering her abusive boyfriend. The dead boyfriend allegedly forced Peagler into prostitution, beat her and raped her. [LA Observed]
  • Rifqa Bary, a 17-year-old teenager who fled to Florida from Ohio because she feared an “honor killing” by her family for converting from Islam to Christianity, will likely be sent back to her home state by a court. The girl’s father said the family has no intention of harming her. However, the Sri Lankan teen fears for her life if she has to return to her family. [Fox News]
  • Sixteen porn studios in California are allegedly in violation of workplace safety rules by not enforcing the condom policy for adult actors and actresses, said an AIDS advocacy group. This complaint comes on the heels of news in June about over a dozen HIV infections by porn stars. [Reuters]—The group submitted five porn films as evidence, which surely will make some bored governmental paper-pusher’s day.
  • One of the biggest debates about the president’s proposed health-care overhaul (besides that “death panels” thing, thanks to Sarah Palin) is whether or not abortions will be funded with taxpayer money. A writer at Slate has suggested a “private abortion fund.” [Slate]
  • A “Women of Color in U.S. Law Firms” study by Catalyst, a non-profit that seeks to include women in the workplace, found over 75 of women of color leave their law firm within five years. Stereotyping, a sense of “outsider status” and lack of access to important clients are all reasons cited for leaving. [Catalyst]
  • Lesbians are helping health researchers who need to conduct contraceptive research on women who don’t have the risk of becoming pregnant during the study. [Just Out]—Thank you, lesbian friends!