“The Real Housewives of Atlanta” Recap: Lisa Is An Instigator

I’m a little disappointed in the behavior of “The Real Housewives of Atlanta” cast members. On last night’s episode, all the women came together for the first time this season. NeNe had arranged for a private tour of a King Tut exhibit that had come to Atlanta. Kim showed up, and I think the only reason she did was because you can’t exactly have a show about five women if they’re never around each other. She latched onto newbie Kandi because Kandi genuinely reserved judgment about her until they had a chance to meet and talk. While they were chatting, Lisa made fun of Kim’s singing and tried to convince NeNe and Sheree to interrupt the conversation. This is why Lisa is an instigator. She tried to get the beef going once again at a museum exhibit. Remember, Lisa was the one who told Sheree about NeNe’s song last season, and we know that was partly to blame for the feud between NeNe and Kim.Kandi’s mom still has issues with A.J., who also attended the King Tut exhibit but probably didn’t see anything because he was typing on the phone the whole time. We learned a little more about A.J. this episode — he’s immature, doesn’t seem to fit into Atlanta’s elite scene, and might be out of work. It’s quite possible that Kandi did purchase her own ring, as gossip blogs have reported. Kandi covertly arranged a photo shoot for a family photo with her, her mom, daughter Riley, and A.J., but mom left the set because she didn’t feel a need for a photo with A.J. Kandi, here’s some advice: You can’t actually coerce your mom into liking A.J. if you’re not willing to stand up for her.

Kim and her daughters debated with the new nanny on whether “sightseeing” is a verb (clip above). It can be a noun, adjective, and intransitive verb — debate solved in 10 seconds by searching Merriam-Webster online. Kim’s youngest daughter does have a sense of humor, though. She made a point of telling her mother she can spell “cat” while giggling and saying the letters. Last season, Kim thought “k-a-t” was the spelling for the furry animal. But, back to the nanny … First, she told the girls they were going to hell for rapping a prayer in Spanish. Kim didn’t stand up to her, though. She preferred to complain about it to her assistant. Then, the nanny left the younger kid in the house alone because she had to go buy “something for her period.” That’s when Kim fired her via voicemail.