Rose Device Conceals Your Public Bathroom Activities

Well! I have to say! I have never seen or heard of anything like this before! So, you know how it can be embarrassing to use a public bathroom? If anyone else is in there, a person can get a little self-conscious while they’re doing their duty. The people of Japan believe there’s no reason to feel so self-aware when nature calls you to a not-so-private toilet. To cover up whatever it is you’re doing in there, they’ve created the Ecohime Flush Water Sound Rose Cell Phone Strap, a rose-shaped cell phone attachment with an anti-toilet noise audio component. Push the device, and it emits the sound of a toilet flushing, drowning out any untoward noises you may be emitting. Here’s to hoping it doesn’t go off in your purse when you’re on a date. Check out the odd video demonstration after the jump. [Tokyo Mango]