LiLo Comes Face-To-Face With SamRo Look-A-Like On Project Runway Premiere

So I don’t get in trouble for posting about this, gasp, 11 hours after the episode aired, SPOILERS AHEAD. Got that?

OK. So, last night was the premiere of “Project Runway” on Lifetime, which Jessica liveblogged. Personally, I was slightly underwhelmed. None of the designers stood out to me yet, except one, but not because of her design talents. Ari Fish is a straight-up Samantha Ronson doppelganger, which became somewhat awkward when it was revealed that Lindsay Lohan was the guest judge. Did Ari’s resemblance to Lohan’s on/off girlfriend help or hurt her? Find out, after the jump…Alas, Ari’s physical similarity to the celebrity DJ didn’t do much to distract the judges from her wackadoodle dress that she designed for the red carpet challenge, which one Twitterer described as, “a walking M.I.A. album cover.” This perhaps illustrates the first noticeable difference between PR on Lifetime and PR on Bravo — previously, an avant-garde but unfocused designer usually would win out over someone playing it boring, safe, and, well, fugly. Do you think Ari deserved to go home? And what did you think of LiLo as guest judge?